Summerkiz Festival 2020
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August 28th 2020




confirmed: 28 people
interested: 312* people

Summerkiz Festival 2020

Summerkiz Festival 2020
                        SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER TIME!
We welcome you to create amazing memories with us during our third festival of 2020! We offer three days of high-quality MASTER WORKSHOPS in Urbankiz and Tangkiz with international instructors from Barcelona, Frankfurt, Oslo, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Day socials and night parties with DJ Esti, DJ Lawa, DJ Zak-M from Paris and DJ David Ruela from Rotterdam (yupp you read that right! The amazing dancer, genius hit producer and incredible DJ), his DJ sets will take you to outer space and back a few rounds. He is bringing that Holland fire to Stockholm.

🔷Our guest instructors travel the world to teach their magic, we are super pleased to host them 🥳 For those of you who are comfortable with the foundations but are still hungry to advance your skills on the social floor, there will be master workshops that focus on: tricks, pacing, timing, STYLING and musicality. 

**Invited Guest Instructors**
Guiu & Borboleta - Barcelona, Spain
Lio Frei - Frankfurt, Germany
Elli P- Stockholm, Sweden
Denny - Gothenburg, Sweden
Sabina R - Oslo, Norway
Pierre Fraser - Stockholm Sweden
Barbara Riedel - Frankfurt, Germany

🔷We strive to have even couples and will release a limited number of passes to ensure a rich dance experience to all participants. To guarantee your spot - get your pass now! Drop-ins are only available if classes are not fully booked.

A photographer will be there both nights to capture your best moments ;) 

💙💙💙 Looking forward to meeting you 💙💙💙

**Friday 28/8 2020**
18.00 - 19.00 Ladystyling (open level) - Sabina
19.00 - 20.30 Urbankiz (int/adv level) -  Guiu & Borboleta
20.35 - 22.05 Urbankiz (int/adv) - Denny & Sabina 
22.15 - 03.00 Party with DJ David Ruela, DJ Lawa, DJ Zak-M & DJ Estii. Taxi dancers and special guest from different countries.

**Saturday 29/8 2020**
18.00 - 19.15 Ladystyling (open level) - Borboleta 
19.20 - 20.50 Urbankiz (int/adv) - Guiu & Borboleta
20.55 - 22.25 Urbankiz (int/adv) - Lio Frei & Elli
22.30 - 03.00 Party with DJ David Ruela, DJ Lawa, DJ Zak-M & DJ Esti. Taxi dancers and special guest from different countries.

**Sunday 2/2 2020**
14.00 - 15.00 Tangokiz (open level) - Pierre & Barbara
15.00 - 20.00 Daysocial 

🔷🔷🔷Early bird Prices 🔷🔷🔷
*before may 25th*
Single full pass (8h WS + 2 parties + 1 daysocial) - 500 SEK (50 EUR)
Couple full pass (8h WS + 2 parties  + 1 daysocial) - 800 SEK (80 EUR)

*until jul 25th*
Single full pass  - 650 SEK (65 EUR)
Couple full pass  - 900 SEK (90EUR)

*until aug 26th*
Single full pass  - 750 SEK (75 EUR)
Couple full pass  - 1000 SEK (100EUR)

Only party - 150 SEK (15 EUR) prepaid // 200 SEK (20 EUR) at the door.

Payments by the door are accepted with Swish or cash. No card. Book your festivalpass today!

The party will cost 200 SEK (20 EUR) at the door, so make sure to pre-book your ticket BEFORE Thursday 26/8 2020. 

*Diamond Lights Återbetalningspolicy 

Återbetalning sker ej vid sjukdom eller andra förhinder. Dock kan biljetten säljas vidare till en annan dansare. Vid vidareförsäljning, vänligen kontakta oss först via DM/PM så att vi vet vem ni säljer den till. 
- I fall av inställt event återbetalas totala biljettavgiften minus serviceavgift. 

Oförutsedda händelser (som eventuella omjusteringar i schemat eller förseningar) är tyvärr ej grund för återbetalning. Vi kommer alltid att arbeta för att snabbt lösa eventuella oväntade händelser. Men då det påverkar både er kunder och oss som organisation kan vi inte stå för detta. Vi förbehåller oss rätten för ändringar av pris, schema på grund av tryckfel eller annat. 

*Diamond Lights Refund Policy 

There are no refunds in the event of illness or other unexpected events. However, the festivalpass is not personal and can be sold to another person. Regarding resale, kindly inform us via facebook who is the new owner the festival pass.

- In the case of a cancelled event a total refund will be issued, minus an administrative fee.

Diamond Lights of Kizomba strive to provide a substitute rather than cancel a workshop in the event of instructor illness. And reserves the right to make changes within the festival schedule, price corrections and misprints.