Budapest Kizomba Connection BkC2021, 10th Edition








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Budapest Kizomba Connection BkC2021, 10th Edition

Budapest Kizomba Connection BkC2021, 10th Edition
                        The Ultimate Festival Experience - Dance, Music, Culture, Connection.. Join the 10th edition now!

Budapest - one of the most beautiful cities of the World - is waiting for you once again for a real celebration of LIFE! 

5 days of a 5 stars festival experience! Top quality in all senses!
Our venue is the biggest event ship of Europe, with a breathtaking view right in the middle of the city! Our Artist crew brings you the homeland of Kizomba and Semba (Angola) to the workshops, socials and parties, as Authentic as it can be!

Expect the highest quality classes, and a real musical travel to the rythm of Kizomba and Semba - all under the same roof on the Danube River! 

And if this was not enough:
 - LIVE BAND with various gigs during the 5 days with the best musicians who play with most of your favorite singers! 
 - Food Available NON-STOP at the venue! (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between) for very acceptable prices! Pre-Booking available already!
 - Cashless event: Buy your vouchers online or at our reception and don't worry about the money during the event! 
 - Smoke FREE dancefloor and venue! Smoking is only allowed outside the doors!
 - Free Coatcheck during the whole event supervised by our team.
 - Almost the whole artist crew is Angolan / PALOP! 100% Real and Authentic! Some of our teachers come straight from Angola with the newest tricks in their pocket, and of course the most authentic basics to refine your dancing.
 - Our DJ crew connects the bests of the local scene with some of the most respected DJs of the African scene of Lisbon/Luanda! Be prepared to hear sounds you never heard before, right from the source! Bring an open mind and don't expect the usual that you find everywhere else, we bring you something fresh and raw! ;)
 - Sunset Socials on the sundeck of the ship on Saturday and Sunday
 - CRUISE on Saturday - The legendary Saturday White Kizomba Cruise, when our venue departs on a 2 hour long trip on  the Danube through the illuminated city and you can dance on the top deck of the ship
- Monday Beach Party & Thursday Pre-Party
- Kizomba Na Rua - our traditional Dancing Sightseeing transforming all the main sights of the city to a dancefloor... the best way to discover Budapest s dancing around it with our guides!
- Facultative SPA visits - Discover the best thermal baths of Europe with your kizomba buddies before/during/after the official program and recharge your energies in the healing waters

ARTISTS confirmed so far (more to come)
     DJ ERK

Tickets available right here from the event or at our webshop

For more information contact: [email protected]