3rd Mekuia Kizomba Festival
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We're sorry, this event is cancelled.

The event is cancelled or postponed, please contact the organizer for further information.

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confirmed: 140 people
interested: 664* people

3rd Mekuia Kizomba Festival

3rd Mekuia Kizomba Festival
                        饾棳饾棙饾棪, 饾棯饾棙 饾棓饾棩饾棙 饾棔饾棓饾棖饾棡!!!
Originally, we announced that there won't be any other Mekuia... For the last two years we did our best to bring you the kind of festival that we truly love: great artists, no shows and family atmosphere. 

It gets harder and harder to organize a pure kizomba festival in Europe. We worked hard, we were exhausted and that's why we thought "Enough"... (SPOILER ALERT: We are bringing it back!)

But the response when we announced that there won't be any Mekuia anymore, was overwhelming! We received tons of messages calls about why we're quitting on this project.  We were extremely humbled by this reaction and it truly means a lot to us. Thank you so much!

饾棪饾棦, 饾棝饾棙饾棩饾棙'饾棪 饾棫饾棝饾棙 饾棗饾棙饾棓饾棢...
Not only we are going to Mekuia again, we are going to make it the best Mekuia ever! Get ready...

For starter, check-out the artists & dj section.
All of them are confirmed! (Yay!)

路 Eddy Vents
路 Tony Viser & Carla
路 Jacinto Teca
路 Tyron & Rokhaya
路 Marcio Junqueira
路 Zilda Vicente

路 DJ Sabura
路 DJ Sponky
路 DJ Paparazzi
路 DJ Erk

饾棧饾棝饾棦饾棫饾棦饾棜饾棩饾棓饾棧饾棝饾棳 & 饾棭饾棞饾棗饾棙饾棦饾棜饾棩饾棓饾棧饾棝饾棳
路 Farantini Photography

路 La Bomba Club (La Fiesta)
路 All workshops, socials, parties are here

路 We recommend Hotel Holiday Inn
路 Find out more at mekuia.com/hotel/

饾棯饾棝饾棓饾棫 饾棳饾棦饾棬 饾棜饾棙饾棫:
路 Brilliant workshops by brilliant artists
路 Awesome parties
路 Top-notch organization
路 Family and welcoming atmosphere

饾棯饾棝饾棓饾棫 饾棳饾棦饾棬 饾棯饾棦饾棥'饾棫 饾棜饾棙饾棫 
路 No shows
路 No dress codes
路 No "Help me welcome on stage"
路 No overpriced drinks
路 No VIP sections 

饾棜饾棙饾棫 饾棳饾棦饾棬饾棩 饾棧饾棓饾棪饾棪:
路 We will start selling the early birds on 13. 01. 2020
路 There will be limited number available
路 Follow us for more details

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